Patti Chermark-Gonzalez

I’m not quite sure where to even begin… I’ve been dealing with Michelle for at least 8 years… between refi’s or just overall getting questions answered.. I’ve had several life changing events that Michelle has either helped or guided me through just about all of them. At one point she even had one her agents Mel help me look for a rental. Now we are back on our feet and have turned to Michelle for mortgage assistance once again. At first there was not much she was able to do for me due to my situation… but as always she came through and got into contact with someone that can actually help me to get into my home… Grateful is just a small word… I have found a forever friend and business confidant in Michelle & Township! Michelle always puts her clients first and for that reason alone is what always takes me back to her. THANK YOU Michelle for all you have done & continue to do 🙂

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