Stephanie Joslin

How do I begin? Four years ago we needed a mortgage and we needed it pretty fast. I was feeling kind of frantic and unsure about our credit. I googled mortgage companies in my area and called the first one that came up. The guy that I spoke with said he wasn’t sure what he could do for us and was very condescending. I felt even worse after that phone call, so then I called the second mortgage company that I found which was Township Mortgage. Michelle Scarpa answered the phone and within ten minutes I felt better about things. She guided me through a few things we needed to do to to help our credit score and within a month she had secured a lone for us. While working with Michelle you feel like you are her only customer. I don’t know how she does it but she’s amazing. Within a year of closing on our mortgage she called me and said how about we refinance and get you a better rate, which we did and she made everything easy again. Now I’m looking forward to working with Michelle again., we’re selling our house and buying another one and It’s so wonderful to have a loan officer that you can trust 100%! I like to think that I not only have a great loan officer in my life but also a friend in Michelle Scarpa.
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